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Feature: Offset Chunk Origin in Editor

Proposed Feature:

Add a pair of public input fields on the generator monobehavior, to allow the user to define an offset for the location of the "ground zero chunk".

This way one could have a few generated chunks near scene origin, while being able to effectively "slide it around" in order to access remote areas without having to venture beyond range, or going as far as into floating point error country (not really that far at all)

Use case, present difficulty:

Consider a project such as a flight simulator, where one would have a very large world, which is for the most part generated by random noise functions. Yet on specific locations, one must also find specifically positioned elements, such as cities and points of interest. These locations must be defined as pinned chunks.

However, in various cases, these points of interest might be hundreds of kms apart from each other.

It then becomes seriously impractical to use the Unity Scene Editor for navigating around between these areas. One must consider that such locations more often than not will be beyond chunk generation range from the nearest other landmark.

Using the "Pin Chunk" method in this case requires a very awkward blind trek out in the Worldless Void, to somehow find the chunk at the correct place and pin it for editing as a landmark.

With the ability to offset chunk origins, one could travel to any location regardless of distance simply by typing in chunk coordinates. There would be no need to move the view away and pin a new set of chunks, for instead of going to the mountain, the mountain would come to you.

G.A. "Moach" Falanghe , 25.03.2020, 01:38
Idea status: under consideration


Haywire, 22.05.2020, 09:58
Hi, I'm not the dev but saw this and thought of an idea. You could create empty game objects at each tile and name them by the city name. That way you can just double click on the city name to fly the scene to the city.

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