When submitting a bug please specify:

- Your MapMagic version (could be found in Window - MapMagic - About)

- Steps to reproduce the issue. For example:
1. Start the new scene
2. Drag the attached graph to the scene to create MM object
3. Try linking the Scatter node output with the Curve node input
4. See the error in the console, and no link appear

- If your graph or scene is needed to reproduce the issue - add a link to dropbox/onedrive or other file share (or send it via email)

- If there are errors in the console - copy the first one (the top one)

Please pay attention to this issue description - at least it's the purpose of the beta test. The issue reports that do not meet specifications most likely will be rejected.

There are no special requirements for reporting ideas, so feel free to express them in a free form.
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62 votes Vote

Add RAM River and Lake output

* For your planned spline mesh output integration: RAM River/Path * A generic lake output and as integration: RAM Lake
daschatten, 26.04.2020, 21:30
19 votes Vote

Finish documentation

Scripting docs do not exist and other docs are missing sections. I would like to see time devoted to filling in this important information that benefits everyone.
JohnnyFactor, 09.01.2021, 03:49
18 votes Vote

Copy and Paste from an existing terrain

Would like to have the ability to create a "Point of interest" by copying a template area from a terrain. This would copy terrain height, textures, grass, trees and prefabs. Then we could have a node that would stamp them down, or a even a...
Jaimi McEntire, 19.05.2020, 04:27
1 comment
15 votes Vote

Allow changing Terrain's Detail Resolution

We can currently set the terrain global resolution but we can't individually change the Detail resolution or the Detail Resolution per Patch for optimization's sake. I'm pretty sure in most case we don't need the Detail Resolution to be as high...
FĂ©lix DG, 29.07.2020, 18:10
11 votes Vote

Product release cycle (please release more often)

This product released in ~Mar 2020 Last update (v2.0.8) was in Sep 2020. Today is Feb 2020. This means that this product doesn't receive updates for about a half of it's life. We all appreciate your efforts on fixing bugs and adding...
pure_luck, 09.02.2021, 21:17
8 votes Vote

Feature: Offset Chunk Origin in Editor

Proposed Feature: Add a pair of public input fields on the generator monobehavior, to allow the user to define an offset for the location of the "ground zero chunk". This way one could have a few generated chunks near scene origin, while...
G.A. "Moach" Falanghe, 25.03.2020, 01:38
7 votes Vote

Terrain Looping

This was discussed a few years ago with MM1 but now that you are updating I was wondering if you could revisit the idea. None of the "other" terrain generators have this option right out of the box yet and I see a lot of people requesting it. The...
Jessie Sasser, 01.05.2020, 02:33
1 comment
6 votes Vote

Ability to tell MapMagic not to generate a chunk

Perhaps in a pre generate / prepare callback, ability to return whether or not mapmagic is to continue generating a chunk. I havn't found any callbacks as yet in MM2, but perhaps a little like this... enum GenerateOption{ Normal, // carry...
BywayBandit, 06.01.2020, 00:39
6 votes Vote

Add back randomise seed at Runtime functionality

Add back the "Randomise seed at start" function from Map Magic 1
Kyle Solomi, 13.07.2020, 18:03
6 votes Vote

Add support for Terrain Descriptor Data

In order to support "Terrain Blending" in Microsplat, apparently you need to output the Terrain Descriptor Data?? This is from maker of MicroSplat:...
Shawn, 16.10.2020, 08:46
5 votes Vote

Generate heightmap data

Hi, I am trying to get the heightmap data for my terrain using the method described here: but the values in the results.height array seem to be different to the actual terrain?...
adrian, 26.04.2020, 07:49
5 votes Vote

Add objects parallel or perpendicular to splines.

I'd like to add steps to areas of my trails which are steep, however, I have no way to align the resulting objects with the spline. This ability could also be used to place things like bridges, gates, or other game object details. It would also...
Andrew Sidereal, 01.10.2020, 21:58
1 comment
5 votes Vote

Please add Terrain-Blending support (Microsplat)

Currently, its not possible to use Terrain-Blending in combination with Map Magic 2. Please add Terrain-Blending support from Microsplat in Map Magic 2 ( On Terrain - automatic "Generate Terrain Descriptor Data" ) . Thx.
macube, 24.11.2020, 01:48
5 votes Vote

Connect different types of objects using splines

Currently it looks like you can only connect objects of the same type when using splines. It would be nice to be able to merge paths between different types of objects.
D. U., 20.12.2020, 20:13
4 votes Vote

Biomes problem on HDRP

MapMagic v2.0.5 & Unity 2019.4.4f1 1. new project 2. import mapmagic2 & Biomes & HDRP 3. open TutorialHDRP scene 4. change map magic graph to Biomes 5. look like something wrong with terrain
:(, 20.07.2020, 00:38
4 votes Vote

General Instability, 2020.2

Firstly, thanks so much for packaging all these fantastic tools together. I'd sat down to begin working on some terrain tools based on patches and tesselation + heightmaps, and eventually got a bit stuck. I looked around and found your stuff and...
Bryan, 17.01.2021, 02:29
4 votes Vote

The ability to use the Brush module at runtime.

The ability to use the Brush module during play/runtime.
OdderOtter, 11.04.2021, 03:08
4 votes Vote

Adding noise inside the detail node

It is a simple suggestion to improve the workflow and reduce the size of a graph. The current workflow (for me) is to create a grass texture portal, then I substract a noise on it (changing the seed and other values) for a total of 4 nodes per...
Michael, 14.04.2021, 16:31
3 votes Vote

BUG: MM2 terrain invisible in URP

Loading MM2 into a fresh URP project, the terrain is invisible in a shaded render. The terrain is present if you view in wireframe. MM2 Beta downloaded 3.21.2020, can't see a version number on it Unity version is 2019.3.6f1 URP version is...
mmaclaurin, 10.03.2020, 05:11
3 votes Vote

Scatter's "Add margins" doesn't do anything

Unity 2019.4.9f1/2020.1.6f1, MM 2.0.8 The new "Add margins" value in Scatter node doesn't do anything - putting in any value doesn't change the positions of the points. Putting in a huge value kinda breaks the positions out of the map.
Refeas, 25.09.2020, 19:39
3 votes Vote

Some tiles show up as flat planes when Draw Instanced is enabled

MapMagic Version: 2.0.8 Unity Version: 2020.2.2f1 Issue: Some tiles appear to not generate and show up as flat planes when Draw Instanced is enabled. No errors in the console. In playmode, I am still able to traverse the terrain, as if the...
Halfspacer, 07.02.2021, 15:37
3 votes Vote

See portals per category

Nothing very problematic, this is mostly a quality of life suggestion you can put very far in the priorities ;), but it could be nice to add portals that are from another category than the current portal. Currently when I select where the portal...
Michael, 13.03.2021, 16:25
2 votes Vote

Add normals modifier for directional effects

This will enable trees that grow on sun-facing hillsides or glaciers on the shaded side of mountain ranges. My proposed use is to combine a normals modifier with a shore modifier to create ocean currents that change direction depending on west...
JohnnyFactor, 19.07.2020, 21:25
2 votes Vote

CTS Texture Array out of Bounds error

Whenever I try adding CTS 2019 to my Terrain using the CTS node and select a material I will receive a error message saying: Thread failed: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at...
Robin-Marcel Hanne, 03.07.2020, 02:35
1 comment
2 votes Vote

MicroSplat Integration BlackTerrain Bug

Then I observe a problem with MapMagic and MicroSplat through various projects (HDRP and URP). So I either turn the "Use Custom Splatmap" on and off for MicroSplat or turn the "Draw instanced" on and off for MapMagic. But this is very annoying and...
valentinwinkelmann, 30.09.2020, 18:09
1 comment
2 votes Vote

Per-axis density and uniformity on Scatter node

Splitting density and uniformity into X-axis and Y-axis allows for the creation of rows like flower gardens or vineyards.
JohnnyFactor, 17.12.2020, 06:07
2 votes Vote

Use a mask while spawning objects

Currently you can use a mask after scattering objects, but that decreases the amount of total objects spawned. It would be cool to have a mask during the scattering of objects so the amount is guaranteed. For example, useful for putting a player...
D. U., 20.12.2020, 20:10
2 votes Vote

Copy component to main terrain only

It is just a suggestion, your "copy component to terrain" is very useful and allow a lot of possibilities but it could be nice to be able to copy them only on main terrain without the draft. In my case I had a NavMesh generator code that I have...
Michael, 21.12.2020, 20:09
2 votes Vote

Probability setting in multi-prefab mode

When placing objects using the multi-prefab mode, it would be nice to be able to assign probabilities for each prefab in that list.
D. U., 23.12.2020, 22:11
2 votes Vote

Disabling Trees / Grass output does not work

Unity 2020.2.2f1, MM2 2.1.2 When following along with the Objects tutorial ( I noticed that the generators for trees cannot be disabled. You can flip the enabled/disabled options in the right-click menu but...
partridge, 24.03.2021, 18:59

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