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Allow changing Terrain's Detail Resolution

We can currently set the terrain global resolution but we can't individually change the Detail resolution or the Detail Resolution per Patch for optimization's sake.

I'm pretty sure in most case we don't need the Detail Resolution to be as high as the rest, would it be possible to have an option for that?

Félix DG , 29.07.2020, 18:10
Idea status: scheduled


Wraith, 31.07.2020, 13:46
Scheduled for version 2.0.6
Félix DG, 26.08.2020, 20:57
The resolution per patch seems to work like a charm. The detail resolution however still can't be changed or I didn't see the option somewhere. Will we be able to change that as well?
Wraith, 26.08.2020, 21:58
Detail resolution depends on overall MapMagic resolution. However you can change Detail Resolution Per Patch - is that what you mean?

If so it's changed in a Grass Output.
Félix DG, 26.08.2020, 22:51
I meant to be able to change the Detail Resolution independent of the overall MapMagic resolution.

The problem with the detail resolution being the same as the textures' and everything else is that it becomes a memory hog with a lot of different details on the terrain.

I'm pretty sure that in a lot of cases it's not really needed to have as much detail resolution as the textures themselves since the artefacts and lack of precision it causes is a lot less apparent.

Since we can change the detail resolution independent from the rest in Unity's terrain it'd be nice to be able to change in in MapMagic too.

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