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CTS Texture Array out of Bounds error

Whenever I try adding CTS 2019 to my Terrain using the CTS node and select a material I will receive a error message saying:

Thread failed: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
at MapMagic.Nodes.MatrixGenerators.CustomShaderOutput200.BlendMatrices (Den.Tools.CoordRect colorsRect, Den.Tools.Matrices.Matrix[] matrices, Den.Tools.Matrices.Matrix[] biomeMasks, System.Single[] opacities, System.Int32[] channelNums) [0x00274] in E:\UnityGames\Game0\Assets\MapMagic\Generators\Matrix\Runtime\TexturesOut.cs:354
at MapMagic.Nodes.MatrixGenerators.CTSOutput200.Finalize (MapMagic.Products.TileData data, MapMagic.Products.StopToken stop) [0x000a0] in E:\UnityGames\Game0\Assets\MapMagic\Compatibility\Runtime\CTSOutput.cs:62
at MapMagic.Nodes.Graph.Finalize (MapMagic.Products.TileData data, MapMagic.Products.StopToken stop) [0x00088] in E:\UnityGames\Game0\Assets\MapMagic\Nodes\Graph.cs:805
at MapMagic.Terrains.TerrainTile.Generate (MapMagic.Nodes.Graph graph, MapMagic.Terrains.TerrainTile tile, MapMagic.Terrains.TerrainTile+DetailLevel det, MapMagic.Products.StopToken stop) [0x0007c] in E:\UnityGames\Game0\Assets\MapMagic\Terrains\TerrainTile.cs:689
at MapMagic.Terrains.TerrainTile+c__DisplayClass36_0.b__0 () [0x00000] in E:\UnityGames\Game0\Assets\MapMagic\Terrains\TerrainTile.cs:598
at Den.Tools.Tasks.ThreadManager.TaskThreadAction (Den.Tools.Tasks.ThreadManager+Task task) [0x00002] in E:\UnityGames\Game0\Assets\MapMagic\Tools\ThreadManager\ThreadManager.cs:133
Den.Tools.Tasks.ThreadManager:TaskThreadAction(Task) (at Assets/MapMagic/Tools/ThreadManager/ThreadManager.cs:136)

I am using the HDRP and it's corresponding CTS shader version.
The CTS shader + profile itself works perfectly fine on any other manually generated terrain.

If you need the Profile file as well as the MM2 Graph please let me know and I'll email to you.
Please let me know if there are any known bug reports like this and if there might be an easy fix for this.
Kind regards.

Robin-Marcel Hanne , 03.07.2020, 02:35
Idea status: under consideration


Wraith, 03.07.2020, 11:06
Thanks for reporting this! Yes, I will need your graph to look into it, could you please email it at mail@denispahunov.ru?

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