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Copy and Paste from an existing terrain

Would like to have the ability to create a "Point of interest" by copying a template area from a terrain. This would copy terrain height, textures, grass, trees and prefabs. Then we could have a node that would stamp them down, or a even a function we could call to stamp something down ourselves.

For example, I could create a tiny terrain, and make an abandoned campsite, with an old campfire, some stones, and a log. Then draw a circle or box around the area, and copy this to the "point of interest".

Then, the spawner could drop a few of these around every so often, with a random rotation if desired. It would grab the height at the new location as a base, and then set the heights (smoothing as needed), textures, grass, trees and prefabs.

Prefabs could contain whatever you needed - triggers, gameobjects that are just scripts, etc.

Jaimi McEntire , 19.05.2020, 04:27
Idea status: scheduled


Wraith, 31.07.2020, 13:45
Scheduled as a part of future module

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