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Add mirror option to Stamp node

Unity exports its RAW format from terrain heightmap vertically flipped (mirrored), however, when you import that data back to Unity terrain, it seems to be rotated properly.
With this in mind, it would be great to add "Flip/Mirror" checkbox to Stamp node so I don't have to go to Photoshop and mirror the heightmap every time I make a change to it.

Pavel Hodoval , 10.05.2020, 21:35
Idea status: completed


Refeas, 21.09.2020, 23:52
I think you can close this one as you can select the mirroring option in Unity itself. :)
Wraith, 22.09.2020, 11:34
From the idea header I was pretty sure it was about randomly flipping stamp in the node. But yep, this way it could be flipped in Unity
Refeas, 22.09.2020, 11:50
I was the original poster but didn't have an account at that time, so yeah, safe to close this one.

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