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Split MapMagicObject and generated gameobjects

When selecting the MapMagic root object it slows down the editor if a lot of gameobjects are generated/spawned. Please move all generated gameobjects to a new root to avoid this.

daschatten , 03.05.2020, 15:30
Idea status: under consideration


Wraith, 03.05.2020, 21:51
Usually Unity slows down the performance a bit when selected an object with many child objects. However this should not be THAT noticeable. How many objects do you have and what is the frame rate?
daschatten, 04.05.2020, 02:14
Is there a frame rate in the editor?

I spawned 10 forests on one tile with increased density. Maybe several 1000s trees. It is very laggy in the scene view. Maybe because all the objects are highlighted when selected...
Wraith, 04.05.2020, 19:12
Usually it is displaying the collision gizmos that slow the performance when many objects are selected. Are they enabled?

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