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Add RAM River and Lake output

* For your planned spline mesh output integration: RAM River/Path
* A generic lake output and as integration: RAM Lake

daschatten , 26.04.2020, 21:30
Idea status: scheduled


Andrew Sidereal, 14.09.2020, 18:57
Hi Denis, I'm using Splines and planning on using this for my rivers and lakes. I'm just wondering if you have a rough ETA so I can factor it into my project plan. Thank you!
Wraith, 16.09.2020, 20:49
Hard to say for sure. Currently I'm loaded with bugfixing, bundle, seams issue, modules videos. Then I plan to implement using MM as a map editor - in October approx. Then change spline 'engine' - now I'm sure that beizer is a dead end - overcomplicated, too precise, too slow compared with being split in a dozen of strait segments. I've nearly got this new 'engine' ready, but still more bugs than the old one. Plan to switch to it in November, and finish splines in December-January. Still it's just a plan. Maybe it will go faster, maybe slower - I can't say for now.

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