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BUG: MM2 terrain invisible in URP

Loading MM2 into a fresh URP project, the terrain is invisible in a shaded render. The terrain is present if you view in wireframe.

MM2 Beta downloaded 3.21.2020, can't see a version number on it

Unity version is 2019.3.6f1
URP version is 7.1.8

Tried replacing the default terrain shader on the mm node and didn't help.

Can't get MapMagic output to run either, so I'm dead in the water for MM2 and URP.

mmaclaurin, 10.03.2020, 05:11
Idea status: under consideration


Haywire, 22.05.2020, 10:06
I had the same issue when importing the demos, you have to set the terrain materials to the urp ones. To get them, you have to double click to import the urp unitypackage inside the Mapmagic/Demo folder
Wraith, 04.06.2020, 23:13
Please check you've got Universal RP package installed, and Shaders - Terrain Lit is in place here

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